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Residential Landscape Design with the Sun in Mind

Designing your Home Environment to Optimize the Effects of Sunlight 

Solar exposure is one of the more complex challenges to consider in the residential landscape. The Sun's rays can be both a blessing and a curse, especially in the Southeast. Learn how to minimize the harmful effects and maximize the benefits of sunlight on the house and garden with thoughtful design principles.



Low Maintenance, Disease Resistant Roses for Atlanta

And the Entire Temperate Southeastern United States

Many roses are troubled by pests and diseases in the Southeast's hot and humid climate. Learn how to plant and care for roses, and use our list of disease resistant roses for choosing varieties that need no spraying.



Landscape Lighting Guide

This article defines the three primary types of landscape lighting, explains various techniques used to enhance and highlight both architectural features and garden elements, and includes a comprehensive list of fixture examples with a photograph of each one.  



Designing Drought-Resistant Landscapes

With water quickly becoming an expensive and limited resource in metro Atlanta, all landscaping projects, whether they be residential or commercial, can benefit from drought-tolerant landscape design.



Creating "Curb Appeal" for Your Home

A beautifully landscaped property can be a strong influence on home buyers. It can also make your home an inviting place to host parties, friends, and family gatherings.



Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

A professional landscape designer can use his/her understanding of design principles, plant materials, soil/terrain conditions, and structural elements to formulate a plan that suits your home and lifestyle, and can also save you thousands of dollars in the process.



Designing Your Garden for Winter Beauty

Far too often, little thought is given to the landscape's appearance in winter. But a garden can be designed so that it looks interesting in winter even though most plants are dormant at that time.



Grass or Groundcover?

Turf grass may not always be the best choice for lawn areas — especially if the area is shaded or on a slope that makes frequent mowing unsafe or impractical. That's when ground cover is a good option.



Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest trends in outdoor living. They are helping to bring the entertainment experience to the outside of Atlanta area homes.



The Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens will always be a popular style of garden design as they provide a romantic and casual atmosphere in a busy world.



A Tropical Look in a Temperate Zone

You don't have to live in Florida or Hawaii to make your backyard look like a tropical paradise.



Creating a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden can quickly become the main attraction of your landscape. These colorful gardens are cherished not only for their earth-bound flowers but also for the beautiful "flying flowers" they attract.



Deer Resistant Landscaping

Deer are often the cause of destruction to a home's garden, trees, and ornamental shrubs. Choosing the proper plants is one way to help preserve your landscape.



Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plants have many inherent qualities and adaptive traits that make them aesthetically pleasing, practical, and ecologically valuable for landscaping.



"Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, a lovely garden in a seed, and a giant oak in an acorn."  William Arthur Ward

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