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Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

Most homeowners have an idea of what they would like their property to look like but most of them really do not have the ability to go from an idea to a design, nor do they know how to successfully transfer that design into a pleasing garden landscape. A well-qualified landscape designer can do all that for you and much more.

A landscape designer will ask you what you want to achieve and will discuss plant options with you that will fit those ideas. Some people want to have a simple landscape that is low maintenance while others may want to attract birds and wildlife to the garden. The designer will take these ideas and keep them in mind as he, or she, looks at the property as a whole. Identifying the best way to use the property is an important part of design.

Pertinent questions that should be asked include long-term uses for the property. A young couple may like a natural garden with very little grass in the short term, but if they plan to start a family, those future needs should also be taken into account. A mature couple may need to look at a low maintenance garden design that they can easily cope with as they enjoy their senior years.

A landscape designer will also be able to identify low and high spots in the garden. These are important as they reflect drainage on the property and drainage has a direct impact on the plants that will grow there. Sometimes the topography of the landscape is such that major changes have to be made. In an area that stays wet for long periods of time, a French drain may be the answer, or a general contractor may need to be sought so that the whole landscape can be re-sculpted to improve the overall drainage.

Finally, a good landscape designer will have a thorough knowledge about plants. New varieties of plants and shrubs come onto the market each year. Frequently changing choices are tough to keep up with and the homeowner who shops at the local nursery is unlikely to know about those new varieties and therefore cannot take advantage of some of the traits of the new strains. Such things as dwarf size, more consistent bloom, or longer bloom times are all important when making your landscape choices and a homeowner will be unlikely to have the networking to find these worthy, and sometimes unusual, items for the garden.

So consider consulting a knowledgeable landscape designer when you are thinking about your garden. Professional designers are inexpensive when considered in relation to the money you may risk by spending thousands of dollars on plants and hard features that are unsuitable for your landscape.



"Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, a lovely garden in a seed, and a giant oak in an acorn."  William Arthur Ward

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