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Have you ever looked at a particular spot on your property and wondered how it would look if it was professionally landscaped? In the past, even if you had a landscape designer draw plans for you, you still had to rely on a great deal of imagination to envision the finished product. But thanks to today's computer technology, you can see a photographic image of the finished landscape before one shovelful of dirt has been turned!


The Process

The process by which this can be accomplished is known as image manipulation. It begins with a photograph of an isolated area within the existing landscape. Through the use of computer software, this photograph is then altered to portray proposed changes in the landscape.

First, through a technique known as "cloning," unwanted objects are removed from the original photograph and replaced with existing background scenery. Next, various "textures" representing grass, mulch, concrete, brick, etc. are placed upon the image in order to depict lawn areas, planting beds, patios, walkways, borders, and retaining walls. Lastly, individual images of plants, boulders, and other garden objects are placed into the scene.

The end result is an image of a landscape that looks remarkably realistic. In fact, in the hands of an experienced designer, a scene can be created which looks realistic enough that the untrained observer may not recognize that he is looking at a manipulated image rather than a photograph of an actual landscape.


The Benefits

Visual Imagery - Many people have trouble visualizing how the finished landscape will look based only on a two-dimensional master plan. Manipulated images allow you to see a close approximation of the finished landscaping before the work begins.

Quick Turnaround - Image manipulation is not a particularly time-consuming method of design as compared to developing a 2D master plan or a 3D rendering. In most cases, we can have manipulated images ready for you within a day or two after the original images are received.

Convenience - A site visit is usually unnecessary because we can work with client-supplied photographs. If you have a digital camera, the entire process can be done by email.

Low Cost - All design services are billed at $75 per hour. But because it is not a time-consuming process, image manipulation is also not an expensive process. Please contact us today for a precise quote.


Decatur Georgia Residence - Before & After














Chateau Elan Georgia Residence - Before & After












Cumming Georgia Residence - Before & After
















Acworth Georgia Subdivision Entrance - Before & After





Tucker Georgia Office Entrance - Before & After





Roswell Georgia Lakeside Patio - Before & After





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