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Landscape Maintenance Services

Botanica Atlanta offers a range of services to complement its landscape design and installation services. Our team of maintenance professionals have years of experience and training in garden and lawn care, and we are ready to address the unique circumstances of your Atlanta area residential landscape.


Standard and specialty landscape services include:


 Lawn Care

The maintenance team will work with you to create a regular schedule of mowing, edging, and leaf-blowing to keep your lawn and surrounding areas looking neat and tidy. As needed, we will aerate, overseed, and repair your grass surfaces, and our organic services specialist can implement affordable, natural lawn and garden treatments that will achieve a robust, green lawn without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides.



Pruning of Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Our landscape specialists will assess your property’s existing vegetation and establish an appropriate, regular schedule for the trimming and general upkeep of these important plants. Pruning is necessary for the health and longevity of a plant, and its visual effects are an important part of your home’s aesthetic appeal. On a yearly basis, we will trim canopy and understory tree limbs for optimal branch architecture, and on a more frequent schedule, we will precisely trim and shape shrubs, hedges, and climbing vines to your preferences.



Mulch Installation, Composting, and Leaf Removal

Under natural conditions, a landscape has a native nutrient cycle that repurposes autumn and winter’s falling leaves and branches to reinvigorate the soil year after year. Our team will strengthen these seasonal effects by installing mulch, composting your landscape debris, and relocating your leaves to appropriate areas of your property. We operate on the assumption that our clients prefer to recycle their landscape’s naturally occurring nutrients, a strategy that promotes soil health and reduces the need of fertilizer treatments in the spring and summer, but we can arrange for the removal of unwanted leaves and debris upon request. Please see our organic services page for additional information on the benefits of natural nutrient cycling.




Irrigation System Maintenance and Repair

Our skilled professionals will repair and replace worn or damaged irrigation components, and we will regularly inspect your water-delivery systems to keep them well tuned to preserve the vibrant, green beauty of your landscape through the harsh summer months. Upon your direction, we are able to extend or reduce the zones of your yard that will receive irrigation, and we have plenty of experience with bringing neglected, out-dated systems back to life.



Landscape Lighting Systems

Botanica Atlanta has technical experience with all types of outdoor lighting, including uplights, downlights, and ambient lights. Our team will replace burnt-out bulbs, repair wires and controls, and update old fixtures to keep your landscape beautiful, safe, and useful long after the sun has set.


 Seasonal Color Plantings

Our planting specialists will work with you to select flowering species that bring visual interest and excitement to your landscape. One of our most popular services is the seasonal installation and maintenance of annuals to keep gardens looking vibrant and beautiful throughout the year. With your input, Botanica Atlanta will identify high-visibility areas of your property, such as front entrance drives, pool- and patio-side garden beds, major doorways, and window boxes, and we will highlight these key areas with splashes of energizing, refreshing color. Additionally, our team can install decorative evergreen arrangements to introduce traditional holiday colors into the drab, dormant winter months.




Decorations and Special Events

Sometimes there is no better place to host a significant event than in your own backyard. For your upcoming dinners, birthday parties, weddings, or other significant events, our maintenance professionals and our in-house design teams will collaborate to carefully ornament your property for a large party or a more intimate occasion.



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