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Organic Lawn and Garden Treatments

Our Atlanta clients have shown a growing interest in chemical-free, organic maintenance for their lawns and landscapes, and in response to this, Botanica Atlanta has expanded its services to include a variety of natural-based solutions.

On their lawns, American homeowners apply ten times more fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides per acre than American farmers do to their crops. Many families wish to transition away from artificial chemical applications in the landscapes that surround their homes. If you find yourself concerned with the unknown toxins that lurk in the artificial fertilizers and pesticides that Americans apply to their lawns and gardens every year, then Botanica Atlanta is happy to offer organic alternatives.

Our organic services specialist has cultivated his knowledge of plant health and soil conditions in Nebraska farm fields, Georgia nurseries, and scientific laboratories, and he will work with you to establish safe, natural methods that will beautify your entire landscape. Botanica Atlanta’s organic services include both liquid and solid fertilization treatments for the lawn surfaces and garden beds, applications of naturally shielding protection from insect and disease threats, and affordable soil testing. Contrary to popular belief, a switch to organic services does not always mean a jump in price. Our organic management prices are comparable to those offered by national lawn and garden companies that use conventional chemical applications.

With our organic approach to maintenance, Botanica Atlanta will manage your landscape with the philosophy that soil is a living thing. We will infuse your landscape’s soils with an “aerobic tea,” which is a compost-based liquid application that increases the abundance of beneficial soil microorganisms inside the soil. Under natural conditions, a fallen leaf or decomposing tree forms an important part of the nutrient cycle. Following this model, our team will employ mulching and composting strategies throughout your property, thus encouraging “ecological recycling” in your landscape. Botanica Atlanta’s organic strategies will leave your family with a beautiful-looking landscape and the peace of mind that it was all accomplished without the use of toxic chemicals.


Key Benefits of Organic Lawn and Garden Treatments


A Safe and Healthy Home Landscape

The organic products that we apply are 100% natural and completely safe. Unlike conventional chemicals, natural fertilizers do not contain the toxins that can build up in soils, and by transitioning from the application of pesticides, your yard will pose no threat to your family or your pets.



Improved Beauty and Lushness

Making the switch from conventional chemicals to organic alternatives does not diminish the beauty of a manicured landscape. The lawns and gardens that we manage organically exhibit rich, bountiful greenness that matches – and in most cases exceeds – the aesthetic quality of landscapes that employ traditional chemical applications.



Strengthened Soil Health

You might not think about it, but soil is full of life. In fact, more organisms are contained in one tablespoon of naturally occurring soil than there are humans on Earth, and it is this microscopic ecosystem that determines the health of a plant. Our team tests soil conditions for mineral deficiencies, pH imbalances, and assesses the existing microbiota. Where artificial fertilizers and pesticides work to eradicate much of these biotic components, our organic approach embraces these natural systems.



Plant Strength and Resilience

Organic fertilizers encourage root growth, increasing the depth and biomass of turfgrass as well as perennials and shrubs. The result of healthier roots is healthier, more robust plant material, and organically treated plants are better equipped to weather periods of drought and inclement weather. Due to the growth of thicker cell membranes, organic-fertilized plants are also naturally more resistant to weeds, insects, and diseases.



Improved Habitat for Wildlife

The transition to organic landscape management often creates an increase in desirable wildlife populations. We believe that our clients’ landscapes should play host to the beating of butterfly wings, the playful scurrying of squirrels, and the soothing calls of birdsong.



Cumulative Cost Reduction

Organic fertilizers are likely to be needed less frequently and in smaller amounts as time passes. This is because as the soil is treated organically, it becomes full of living microorganisms which give it a thicker structure and, as a result, makes it better at holding on to both nutrients and water. The bottom line is that you will enjoy progressively lower costs as the soil is rejuvenated.



 Reduced Environmental Impact

Ceasing the use of toxic chemicals certainly keeps your lawn safe for children and dogs to play on, but it also prevents pollution far beyond your property line. An example of fertilizer pollution can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, where chemicals from as far upstream as Wisconsin farm fields enter the ocean and create a polluted, thousand-square-mile “dead zone” that is devoid of fish. Transitioning to organic landscape management is a smart decision for the health of the earth.


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