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Perspective Drawings


Have you considered your garden as a worthy subject of a landscape artist?  We suggest you do!  A hand-drawn perspective rendering is a valuable tool in the landscape design process.  Perspective sketches can be especially useful to express and evaluate ideas when the landscape designer is communicating with the homeowner to establish the landscape design program.  With the aid of a perspective drawing, the garden can be considered from different points of view, and design ideas can be quickly and easily evaluated.  Objects, lighting, shadows, layers of shapes and colors all become more real as the garden is viewed in a perspective drawing.

Are there points of transition, natural features, or favorite destinations that should be highlighted as focal points in the design program?  A perspective rendering of the highlighted focal point will ensure the successful enhancement of the favorite vista, feature, or destination.  Are there particular views from inside the family residence from which the landscape will be viewed?  A perspective sketch from the living or family room with large windows, the dining room, or the master bedroom may be considered.

The perspective drawing is an invaluable visualization device for the landscape designer.  It highlights and defines the relationships between the existing elements in the landscape, and the visual and experiential impact of the new elements being added.  When the designer reaches a point of satisfaction with the top down landscape plan, perspective drawings can be utilized to check the accuracy of the desired spatial relationships.  They can also be used to show what the garden will look like shortly after installation, or to express the garden design as the plants grow according to their respective growth patterns and timelines.  And because they can be done more quickly, hand-drawn perspective renderings are also less expensive than computer-generated 3D images.

All design services are billed at $75 per hour. Please see examples of our work below and contact us for a precise quote today!


Residential Stairway and Garden



Front Yard Garden and Stairway



Contemporary Courtyard With Waterfall
Allium Garden and Bench



Lion Head Fountain



Framed Japanese Maple Focal Point



Climbing Rose on Rustic Wooden Gate